Project Status

The Degree Mapping project is comprised of the following steps. Check back occasionally for updates about the progress of this project.

"Scribing" is the programming process used to enter degree requirements into the degree audit software system.

Phase Description Target Date Status
I. Review program degree maps and catalog language in preparation for scribing. August 2011 Complete
II. Install degree audit servers at UAB September 2011 Complete
III. Install degree audit software October 2011 Complete
IV. Vendor begins scribing degree requirements into degree audit software October 31, 2011 Complete
V. Vendors conducts kickoff session on campus; initial configuration begins December 2011 Complete
VI. Begin evaluating test degree maps December 2011 Complete
VII. Vendor completes scribing of degree requirements December 2011 Complete
VIII. Technical staff completes branding and customizations of system January - April 2012 Complete
IX. Office of Registrar tests degree audits (on a rolling basis) January 2012 Complete
X. Schools/departments test degree audits (on a rolling basis) February 2012 Complete
XI. School of Engineering audits go live April 16, 2012 Complete
XII. School of Health Professions audits go live May 14, 2012 Complete
XIII. School of Business audits go live June 25, 2012 Complete
XIV. College of Arts and Sciences audits go live July 30, 2012 Complete
XV. School of Nursing audits go live July 30, 2012 Complete
XVI. School of Education audits go live

Percentage of Validated Audits Complete: 85%  
August 27, 2012 Complete
XVII. All undergraduate degree audits live September 1, 2012 Complete