Project Status

The Standard Schedule project is comprised of the following steps. Check back occasionally for updates about the progress of this project.

Phase Description Target Date Status
I. Program Banner so that users may only enter courses on standardized times. July 2011 Complete
II. Test Banner programming. July 2011 Complete
III. Communicate new policies to faculty and staff. August 2011 Complete
IV. Train staff on new Banner functionality and procedures. Begins August 10, 2011 Complete
V. Schools/departments enter Spring 2012 courses in Banner. Begins August 15, 2011 Complete
V. Transition to new 25Live room scheduling software; ensure that academic spaces are listed accurately. August 2011 Complete
VI. Test 25Live configuration. September 2011 Complete
VII. Assign classrooms using 25Live software. Begins September 27, 2011 Complete
VIII. Publish Spring 2012 class schedule with classrooms. December 19, 2011 Complete