Student Engagement

What We Do

UAB 1715 Building exteriorOur office is located in the 1715 Building
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The Office of Student Engagement aims to provide developmental learning, holistic engagement and preventative education to every member of the UAB community.

Student Engagement staff aims to:

  • Work with students to help identify and overcome barriers to success
  • Help students get connected to campus and community resources
  • Serve as advocates to help students navigate the university system
  • Provide referrals for longer-term care
  • Conduct outreach and education to students and other campus community partners on relevant issues students may face
  • Serve in consultation to staff, faculty, students and families
  • Interpret and uphold the University Non-Academic Code of Conduct to provide a safe and inclusive campus community environment

You're not alone; we are here to help.

Student Engagement is committed to nurturing, protecting and providing for its students. If you or someone you know is the victim of a physical or sexual assault or domestic violence, please remember: you are not alone. It is not your fault. UAB departments such as Counseling and Wellness, Student Health Services, Women’s Counseling Center, and Student Engagement are here to offer assistance. Within Student Engagement, we have Case Managers to work closely and confidentially with undergraduate and graduate students. We will help you report a crime, receive medical attention or get you connected to the right resources. If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, thoughts of suicide, or alcohol or drug abuse, we have assembled a list of medical professionals, counselors and support agencies, both on and off-campus, to lead you back to recovery.



Student Conduct

Your first priority at UAB is to get a great education, plain and simple. The Non-Academic Conduct Policy, maintained by the office of Student Engagement, provides the guidelines that protect your chance at getting that top-quality education by setting the standard for what it means to be a successful student.

Non-Academic Student Conduct Policy
Student Engagement, specifically with regards to student conduct is one of many channels that the university can use to foster the personal development of its students. In cases where a student engages in non-academic misconduct, the conduct process is also an approach that we use to protect the safety of the university community. While the conduct process does adjudicate misconduct, it is not a legal system. The conduct process does not use the same procedures, burdens of proof, or rules of evidence as the legal systems. In order to maintain an educational tone, the university takes steps to ensure that the process is as non-adversarial as possible, while still safeguarding the rights of students.

The non-academic misconduct process is an integral part of the educational mission and goals of UAB and Student Life. The Office of Student Engagement oversees and implements the non-academic misconduct process. The nonacademic misconduct process is designed to provide and help maintain an educational atmosphere with emphasis on developing individual understanding and acceptance of personal and social responsibilities; creating a sense of belonging within a welcoming environment; and challenging and supporting students to reflect, integrate, and act upon their UAB experience.

Report a violation of the Code of Conduct


How do I alert Student Engagement if I am worried about a student?
Please fill out the Report a Student of Concern form online and submit it to our Care Team. Student Engagement and the UAB Care Team aim to identify distressed, disruptive, disturbed students and to consult together about ways to effectively and appropriately intervene.

What are examples of concerning behavior?
Behaviors of concern can range from poor classroom attendance, to dramatic weight loss, to overtly suicidal statements. Please see the Care Team site for more information on these and other signs of trouble.

How can I help a student in distress?
The Office of Student Engagement and Counseling and Wellness Center offer a presentation to faculty and staff to help identify characteristics of a distressed and/or disruptive student, offering strategies to intervene and introducing campus resources for students who need additional support or assistance. Please contact Emily Feinstein, Director of Student Engagement to schedule a presentation.

How do I report a crime?
Contact UAB Police. Should you want to report voluntary incidents, potential criminal actions, or suspicious incidents, the UAB Police are here to help.

What if I am being sexually harassed?
Contact the Title IX Coordinator and Student Engagement Office.

What if I have been sexually assaulted?
Please see the UAB Women's Counseling Center Guide for Victims of Sexual Assault.

UAB takes sexual harassment, assault and discrimination very seriously. Please know that UAB has an entire team dedicated to help you through this process. Whether you are not sure and want to review the policy, or are uncertain as to how to report it and what can be done; please know we are here to help.

What is Sexual Assault?
Sexual assault is any kind of sexual contact against a person’s will and without consent. It can be accomplished by direct force, threats of force, manipulation, or trickery. This includes rape, inappropriate touching, or sexual harassment. Additional info on sexual assault

What is Consent?
UAB believes that all sexually activity should be consensual. Therefore, consent must be obtained prior to engaging in any sexual activity, and for each new sexual activity. Any sexual act that occurs without consent may be considered a sexual assault and/or misconduct. Additional info on consent

What is Stalking?
Stalking is a pattern of behavior that makes you feel afraid, nervous, harassed, or in danger. It is when someone repeatedly contacts you, follows you, sends you things, talks to you when you don’t want them to, or threatens you. Additional info on stalking

Case Management

Need some help? Contact our case manager.

Leslie Riley is the Case Manager for UAB students. If you're struggling with a problem—whether it's medical, psychological, psychiatric, social, financial or academic—Leslie is here to help you find the right resources, lend advice and identify ways to be most successful at UAB. Leslie works closely with the Counseling and Wellness Center, Women’s Center, Student Health Center, and various other campus and community resources.

A Case Manager Helps in Many Ways:
  • Medical
  • Psychological
  • Psychiatric
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Academic

To contact Leslie, Case Manager, or to schedule an appointment, call 205-975-9509 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .