Campus Ministry

Nurture your spiritual life as you prepare for your professional life. The Campus Ministry Association (CMA) at UAB is composed of professional campus ministers serving the university as representatives of their respective faith communities. The CMA seeks to be inclusive in its membership, which is available to those of all religious traditions. In a cooperative spirit, the CMA works with UAB to enable and enhance, without prejudice, the spiritual life of all persons within the university community. The collaborative ministry of the CMA involves caring for the total well-being of persons in the context of a community of peace, justice, and social responsibility.

CMA Membership Listing

Baptist Campus Ministries
1216 15th Street South
Birmingham, AL 35205
(205) 930-0035

Contact: Bill Morrison, Campus Ministry Association Vice-President

Church of Christ

Campus House

1501 13th Ave. South
Birmingham, AL 35205
(205) 790-1375

Contact: Johnathan Player, Campus Ministry Association Secretary & Treasurer


Birmingham Episcopal Campus Ministries

Trinity Commons Episcopal Student Center
1170 11th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35205
(205) 320-1500

Contact: Bill Blackerby

Knesseth Israel Congregation
3100 Overton Rd.
Mountain Brook, AL 35223
Contact: Rabbi Eytan Yammer

Presbyterian (PCA)

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)
(205) 677-8387

Contact: Rev. Joe Dentici, Campus Ministry Association President

Presbyterian (PCUSA)

Westminster Campus Fellowship

Second Presbyterian Church
1300 Columbiana Rd.
Birmingham, AL 35216
(978) 290-6455

Contact: Rev. Adam Borneman

Roman Catholic

St. Stephen Catholic Chapel
1515 12th Ave. So
Birmingham, AL 35205
Phone (205) 933-2500

Contact: Fr. Michael Adams

Wesley Foundation

1408 13th Ave. So
Birmingham, AL 35205
(205) 901-0497

Contact: Will English


Constitution & Bylaws

The Constitution of the Campus Ministry Association at UAB

Article I: Name

a. The name of this organization will be the Campus Ministry Association (CMA) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Article II: Membership

Section 1

The primary membership of the CMA shall be composed of representatives from distinctive faith groups who must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Members will be limited to one voting representative per distinctive faith group as defined by the CMA by-laws.
  2. Members who have been nominated/appointed in writing by their respective supervising religious bodies and assigned responsibilities for campus ministry at UAB.
  3. Members who will support the purposes of the CMA (as listed in Article III below).
  4. Members who are accepted for membership by vote of the CMA according to the CMA by-laws (See Article II).
  5. Members who agree to attend three-fourths (75%) of the official meetings in a school year.
  6. Members who have paid dues.
  7. Members who hold at least a bachelors degree.

Section 2

The associate membership of the CMA shall be composed of representatives from distinctive faith groups who must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Associate members will be limited to one non-voting representative per distinctive faith group.
  2. Associate members will be nominated in writing by the primary member of that distinctive faith group should they deem one necessary.
  3. Associate members will have a non-voting status.
  4. Associate members will be approved by the same process as members.
  5. Termination of members and associate members shall follow the procedures outlined in the CMA by-laws.


Article III: Purpose(s)

The CMA is an association of the campus ministry representatives from distinctive faith groups that function independently of UAB. However, the cooperation of the CMA is extended to the UAB administration and those student organizations officially recognized by UAB. The purposes of the CMA include:

  1. To facilitate interfaith programming, to collaborate on programs, worship, and response to issues and events that affect the UAB community.
  2. Strive to maintain a working relationship with the UAB administration when it helps fulfill the purposes of the CMA.


Article IV: Officers

The Officers of the CMA shall be the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary/Treasurer. Their duties will be as follows:

Section 1

Duties of the President

The President shall:

  1. Chair all meetings of the CMA.
  2. Be the primary contact with the UAB administration.

Section 2

Duties of the Vice-President

The Vice-President shall:

  1. Preside over the CMA meetings in the absence of the President.
  2. Assist and/or assume the duties of the President as needed.
  3. Present (new) applicants for membership to the members.

Section 3

Duties of the Secretary/Treasurer

The Secretary/Treasurer shall:

a. Keep an updated membership roster.

b. Record and disseminate minutes from all official CMA meetings.

c. Be responsible for communication to the membership.

d. Keep financial records of the CMA.

  1. Collect dues.


Article V: Meetings

Section 1

The CMA will conduct eight official meetings per year from September through May, with the exception of December, at a time and place determined by the membership.

Section 2

Any special meeting may be called by the President with a majority consensus of the elected officers.

Section 3

A quorum is 2/3 of elected officers (President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer) and members.

Section 4

Decisions at the meeting will be made according to procedures outlined in the by-laws.



Article VI: Cooperation


Section 1

The members of the CMA shall cooperate in good faith to accomplish the purposes of the CMA (see Article III above).

Section 2

Through annual dues paid by each voting member, the CMA will finance at least one collaborative project and/or activity per year approved by the unanimous consent of CMA members present at any regularly scheduled meeting.

Section 3

The liaison recommended by the university administration who fully supports the purposes of the CMA shall be approved by the members of the CMA.



Article VII: Dues

Section 1

The annual dues for the following year will be set by the CMA annually at the November meeting of the preceding year or a regularly scheduled meeting at the beginning of the calendar year when the dues are payable.

Section 2

The annual dues are payable as stated forth in the by-laws.


Article VIII: Amendments

Section 1

This constitution and/or by-laws may be amended by two-thirds majority vote at two consecutive meetings of the CMA.

Section 2

Quorum must be met.

Section 3

A special meeting may be called as per the by-laws.

The By-Laws of the Campus Ministry Association at UAB

Article I: Charter Members

Attending meetings to organize this body in 1999 were representatives of the following distinctive faith groups: Roman Catholic, Episcopal, United Methodist, Baptist, and the Churches of Christ.



Article II: Procedures for Membership Application

  1. Membership in the CMA at UAB shall be through written application that is completed and signed and submitted to the CMA Vice-President.
  2. The applicant shall submit a letter of appointment from the applicant’s supervising religious body on the official letterhead which indicates that the applicant has been assigned by his/her supervising religious body to minister to the UAB community.
  3. Attach the first year annual dues with the application (the dues will be returned if the nominee is not accepted or granted membership).
  4. The process requires that the applicant will be interviewed by the CMA at a regularly scheduled meeting with the vote to be taken at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  5. Upon approval of the CMA by a simple majority vote, the applicant will be an approved member.

Article III: Termination of Membership

Section 1

Reasons for Termination:

The following reasons shall be cause for consideration of termination of membership in the CMA.

  1. Activities and/or attitudes perceived as counterproductive to the purposes of the CMA at UAB.
  2. The written notification of the termination or transfer of a member or an assistant member representing a distinctive faith group as an action of the supervising religious body.
  3. The voluntary withdrawal of a member or associate member by the supervising religious body by written notice submitted to the CMA President.
  4. Failure to attend 75% of meetings.
  5. Failure to pay dues by April 1 of each calendar year.

Section 2

Procedures for Termination:

a. Every termination of membership must be approved by a majority vote of the CMA at a scheduled and properly announced meeting.

b. Any CMA member may give written notice to the President or Vice-President when any of the reasons of termination of membership become applicable to any CMA member or associate member.

c. All grievances or complaints shall be addressed to the President or the Vice-President who will investigate the validity of the complaints.

  1. If the President or Vice-President determines the complaints to be valid he/she will call a special grievance meeting of the CMA within 30 days to handle the complaint. (The confidentiality of the member filing the written notice shall be protected by the elected officers.)
  2. The procedure for a CMA member’s failure to pay annual dues by the due date will be such that that the member’s seat shall be deemed ‘vacant.’ CMA will be open to filling that seat with another person from that distinctive faith group.
  3. Inform the supervising religious body that the CMA seat is vacant. CMA will then be open to filling the seat with another representative.

Article IV: Elections

Election of Officers

Section 1

Nominations may be received from the floor. With a motion to close nominations, the CMA shall vote on the nominations for the positions being filled.

Section 2

The voting process shall be by individual office. If more than one person is nominated for a position, voting shall be by secret ballot counted by the President and the results announced immediately.

Section 3

Positions shall be filled by majority vote of the CMA. In the event of a tie vote for any position, the voting process for that position shall be continued with discussions among the CMA membership preceding as many ballots as necessary to obtain a majority vote.


Article V

Term of Office

Section 1

Term of each elected position shall be for one year and shall begin the first of June.

Section 2

No member shall serve either as President, Vice-President, or Secretary/Treasurer for more than two consecutive terms.

Section 3

In the event of the vacancy of the position of the President, the Vice-President shall assume the full duties and responsibilities of that position ad-interim until formal approval at a regular meeting.

Section 4

In the event of a vacancy of the other elected positions, replacements may be elected by the CMA members at any meeting.


Article VI: Procedures for Public Statements

When the CMA at UAB seeks to take official action of a public nature, we desire to speak and act as a unified body. Therefore:

Section 1

Any actions or pronouncements relating to public or university policy or political or social issues must be approved by unanimous consent. This is not intended to discourage involvement in the public arena but is intended to promote discussion within the group prior to a decision.

Section 2

Written notice to all members is required to advise members that a particular issue concerning possible public statements and/or actions will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

Section 3

In the event of an issue of immediate concern, any member may request the President to call a special meeting with the consensus of the elected officers.


Article VII: Procedures for Meetings

Section 1

The CMA seeks to operate by consensus. However, some situations may require reliance on Roberts Rules of Order.

Section 2

Each CMA meeting shall be conducted on the basis of a written agenda drawn up by the President prior to the meeting.

Section 3

Individual members may petition inclusion of an item(s) on the official agenda for that meeting by contacting the President.

Section 4

The first order for each official meeting is the approval of the previous official minutes of the previous meeting so that they may become part of the CMA record.

Section 5

The second order for each official meeting is the approval of the agenda for that meeting by majority vote.


Apply for CMA Membership

Application for campus ministers to join the association in order to work together with the other ministers who serve UAB students.

Apply for CMA Membership