UAB Blazers are hungryCraving some canned fruit, mystery meat and slightly doughy rolls? Sorry, we can't help. Instead, think delicious food, wide variety, good prices, and lots of places. Just swipe your OneCard and dine!

On-campus dining options include:

Additional off-campus restaurants that accept Blazer Bucks (but not meal plans)

Meal Plans & Rates

UAB requires that the following students purchase a meal plan during fall and spring semesters:

  • Students residing in freshman housing must choose Blazer 1, Blazer 2, or Blazer 3.
  • All other students residing in on-campus housing must choose from any of the Blazer, Gold, or Green plans.

Students who meet all three of the following criteria are classified as first time UAB freshmen and will be assigned to freshman housing for the academic year in question if they choose to reside on campus:

  • Student graduated high school within the last 4 academic years
  • Student is transferring in less than 12 credit hours taken at another university post high school graduation
  • Student has not attended UAB during a previous academic year, excluding the summer term immediately preceding the academic year in question

Meal Plans and Rates

Meal Plan Meals Flex Dollars Cost (per semester)

Blazer 1

19 meals per week



Blazer 2

12 meals per week



Blazer 3

10 meals per week



Gold 4

7 meals per week



Gold 5

5 meals per week



Gold 6

3 meals per week



Green 7

15 meals per semester



Green 8

12 meals per semester




Dates & Deadlines

Students residing in on-campus housing must pick their meal plan ten days prior to the first tuition billing deadline. If a student is required to have a meal plan and does not selected one the following plans will be chosen for them.

Freshmen in on-campus housing: Blazer 3
Upperclassmen in on-campus housing: Green 8

Once you have chosen you can downgrade through Drop/Add and you can upgrade at any time.

Important Notes
  • Enrolled students not residing on campus may elect to purchase any one of the above meal plans during fall and spring semesters.
  • Meals will be available on housing move-in day for the fall semester and the first day of class for the spring semester.
  • The last day to use Fall 2014 meal plans is the last day of finals.
  • The last day to use Spring 2014 meal plans is the last day of finals.
  • Students can use up to five (5) meals per day.
  • Meals are exclusive for the meal plan holder.
  • Flex Dollars can be used to pay for guest at all dining locations.


Meals are loaded onto your OneCard and can be used exclusively at The Commons on The Green for our all-you-care-to-eat meals. Meals in the Blazer and Gold plans will reset each Sunday night for Monday morning.

Flex Dollars are a declining balance that is loaded onto your OneCard that can be used at any on-campus dining location. This is money that is included with your meal plan and can be spent all around campus. Many locations will feature a $5 combo option for students to use their Flex Dollars. These funds can also be used at our local food trucks via Tapingo.

Dining Dollars are funds that you receive from your campus dining fee. All full-time undergraduate students have Dining Dollars loaded onto their OneCard. Dining Dollars is also a declining balance account that can be used at all on-campus dining locations. Dining Dollars are not part of a students meal plan.