Multicultural Scholars Program

2013-2014 Multicultural Scholars Program members

The Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP) provides special resources and services to better prepare you for options after graduation from UAB, including admission to graduate and first-professional schools or initial entrance into a competitive job market.

This multi-faceted program focuses on academic excellence and social development. The program takes students from the freshman year of college to graduation and beyond, which exemplifies the program's motto "each one, reach one."


All MSP scholars are expected to perform well academically, earning at least a 3.00 UAB grade point average, being enrolled full-time each semester, and completing at least 30 semester hours per year. As a scholar, you are expected to meet with your academic advisor each semester to discuss academic progress, complete and refine a graduation plan, discuss opportunities within your major, and stay abreast of new UAB requirements.

MSP services to help with academic performance include:
  • the Scholars Tutorial Program;
  • a graduation plan; and
  • a semester review of academic progress.


Through the student leadership component, scholars develop skills that are not acquired through classroom experiences. This component provides educational, leadership, social, and service activities that are beneficial to the scholars’ development.

MSP officers are elected each spring, and they serve for one year. The executive committee of the leadership component includes the executive chairperson, president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and programs chairperson.  The executive committee selects the chairperson for the three committees.

2013-2014 MSP Officers
  • Executive Chairperson – Shaneka Hutchinson
  • President – Erica Harkness
  • Vice President – (vacant position)
  • Secretary – Shameka Rodgers
  • Treasurer – Keiara Foster
  • Programs Chairperson – Amy Kincaid-Thomas

  • Membership
  • Financial Planning
  • Social

Scholars Honors Program

The Scholars Honors Program recognizes outstanding MSP students. Scholars who have participated in MSP for at least one year and have at least a 3.50 grade point average are eligible to be inducted into the Honors Program.  The program encourages study abroad and study away opportunities, advance research experiences, and some academic-year internships.


Each spring, MSP recognizes the graduates and outstanding scholars during their annual Awards/Graduation Program. The highlight of this event is the naming of the Scholar of The Year.

The Scholar of the Year is the most coveted award bestowed on an MSP graduating senior. The scholar receiving this award must be actively involved in MSP and other extracurricular activities. There is added level of prestige to this award, because the selection is made by the vote of all currently enrolled scholars.
Some former recipients of the MSP Scholars of the Year Award recipients are:
2013 - Miriam Van Dyke
2012 - Ashley Jones
2011 - Gianfranco Frojo
2010 - Karlene Walker
2009 - Brittany Smartt
2008 - Christopher Watson

Alumni Chapter

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Multicultural Scholars Alumni Chapter (UAB-MSAC), an official chapter of the UAB National Alumni Society, is comprised of alumni who seek to establish and maintain a model alumni chapter that bridges the gap between the matriculating MSP scholars and the graduates. Guided by a desire to assist current students at UAB, the UAB-MSAC aims to share their time, talents, and resources of its members to establish an endowed scholarship and to provide services to the campus and Birmingham community.

The UAB-MSAC is the parent chapter of the MPS Student Alumni Chapter. Currently enrolled minority scholars are eligible to participate in the student chapter. The student chapter is also an official organization of the UAB National Alumni Society.

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