Experiential Learning

Your future career isn’t going to take place hunched over textbooks, and you don’t want to spend your college career there, either.

You want to design your own curriculum that centers around your interests and goals, and you want to spend time out of the classroom experiencing that curriculum with your own two hands. We like your attitude—and you’ll like our Experiential Learning Scholars Program, which helps you do just that and throws in a few perks on top of it.

The Experiential Learning Scholars Program puts you in a Freshman Learning Community designed specifically for Experiential Learning Scholars, meaning you’ll be spending your time with other students who are as motivated and intellectually curious as you are. You’ll work closely with faculty to design your own custom learning plan, and you’ll enrich that plan with service, research, study abroad, internships, co-ops, or any other engaging activities that can advance your educational goals and enhance your college transcript.

The Experiential Learning Scholars Program is part of the UAB Honors College, grants all of the College’s great benefits, and uses the College’s single application. The application deadline is December 15 of your senior year, so learn what you need to know now and apply right away. Start now to design a college experience that will get you ready for the real world by teaching you… well, the real world.