David Dada

Admissions Counselordavid-dada

Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Alma Mater: UAB

Favorite Spot on Campus:
The Commons on the Green

One thing I always mention to prospective students:
I always mention how UAB gives unlimited opportunities to develop intellectually, socially, and emotionally. It’s an unrivaled atmosphere in terms of academic vigor being combined with a meaningful support system.

Something you may not know about me:
I am a karaoke champ in all genres!

Advice I give to incoming students:
The world offers up a ton of circumstances that you can’t control, but if you focus solely on mastering the things in your power, you will succeed. Don’t lose sleep over the other stuff…….and don’t procrastinate!

Favorite thing about Birmingham:
I love my old high school, Ramsay High. To this day, I still go and run around the block on weekends for exercise, just like I did back when I was on the high school basketball team. It’s a very relaxing environment.

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