UAB Glossary

Bartow – 1. Gene Bartow, Blazers basketball coach from 1978 to 1996 who led the Blazers to three conference championships and nine visits to the NCAA tournament; 2. The basketball venue named after Gene, where UAB students eat nachos, watch the Golden Girls, receive T-shirts from cannons, and cheer the Blazers to victory.

BECThe Business and Engineering Complex, a large building with business classes on one wing and engineering classes on the other. Sometimes they meet up in the lobby for West Side Story-style dance-offs.

BlazeUAB’s dragon mascot, fearsome on paper but surprisingly cuddly in person. Note to opposing teams: He’ll cut you.

Blaze the NightUAB’s annual Homecoming bonfire.

Blazer CrunchAn unbelievable chocolate dessert known to cause stampedes at the Commons.

BlazerID - Your identity, frankly—your login for online services, your e-mail address, and unless you choose wisely, a potential source of embarrassment four years from now when you’re applying for a job or grad school.

The CommonsAlso the Commons on the Green; your source for your RDA of Blazer Crunch.

The DinerA main source of nourishment for students awake between 2 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Gang GreenThe people in the green and gold body paint and fright wigs in the front row at football games, generally having the most fun.

The GreenThe (usually) green space in the center of campus, where you go to throw a Frisbee, throw a football, bask in the sun, and nap in the grass when it’s quiet. Multipurpose.

Into the StreetsYour semi-annual opportunity to get your head out of your navel and serve your community.

Mini ParkA place of shade and solace in the middle of a bustling campus, except when it's full of barbecue and bouncy-slides.

ONECardIt gets you into sporting events, it buys you lunch, it scrapes ice off of your windshield, and it reminds you of what you looked like your freshman year.

RAYour Resident Assistant, the older-sibling type in your res hall who's already done this whole "freshman" thing and is glad to share the wisdom.

The RecAlso the Campus Recreaction Center, a state-of-the-art workout facility; place to work off all that Blazer Crunch.

SpringFestThat last chance before spring finals to relax with a hot dog, a snow cone, live music, and a bungee trampoline. (Recommended: saving the hot dog for after the trampoline.)

That statueThe big statue of Blaze in front of Bartow Arena. It used to spew smoke out of its mouth. No, seriously. You should have been there.

UBOBThe University Boulevard Office Building at 1201 University Blvd.

VulcanBirmingham's enormous iron mascot (the largest cast-iron statue in the world), whose bare iron behind has been shining down on the city since 1939.

Zombie Outbreak Day – A day where student zombies can turn into actual zombies and swarm the Commons. It’s OK, though—it’s all just pretend. Or is it?