College Costs (U.S. Citizens) - Transfer Students

Tuition and fees shown are based on fall 2013 rates and a course load of 12 credit hours each semester (fall and spring). Because tuition and fees are billed per semester hour, the actual costs may vary. Financial assistance awards are based on a more inclusive budget taking into consideration living arrangements (on or off campus) and personal and transportation expenses.

Transfer Out-of-State Two Semesters
(12 credit hours per semester)
Tuition and Fees* $16,848
Books and Supplies** $1,000
Parking $130
Total $17,978
On-Campus Housing*** $4,400 - $6,220
Meal Plan $292 - $3,530
Grand Total $22,670 - $27,728

* Tuition in the schools of Health Professions, Public Health, and Nursing is slightly higher. Fees for any student may vary depending upon course selection or program of study.

** Costs may vary depending upon course selection.

*** UAB offers a variety of on-campus living options. Contact Student Housing and Residence Life for more information.