Receiving Research Material

Agreements to receive tangible research material from an Academic Institution, a non-profit organization or a for-profit company must be reviewed and approved by the MTA Office before any material can be received. The provider will usually send an agreement to facilitate the transfer and which is to be signed by an authorized representative of the University. These agreements place certain contractual obligations on UAB to which UAB’s researcher must comply. These terms often conflict with NIH policy, regulatory guidelines, and legal requirements. In those cases, The MTA Office will negotiate with the providing party to modify the agreement.

When obtaining material from institutions or commercial entities, you must complete a “UAB Material Transfer Agreement Submission Form for Receipt of Materials”. This form provides essential information about the provider, and the material that is being requested. Please send the completed form along with the agreement from your supplier to the The MTA Office at AB770. It is very helpful if your supplier could provide their agreement to us electronically in Word format, send to Just remember we cannot act on the email document until the signed UAB Submission Form has been received.

Incoming from Academic or Non-profit Organization

Incoming from For-Profit Company