Transferring Your Research Material

Please contact UABRF when you become involved with the transfer of research materials to a for-profit company. When the materials are being utilized by a for-profit company for research purposes only, generally these are transferred under a Research Tool License Agreement (RTL), rather than under a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). This usually requires you to submit an Intellectual Property Disclosure (IPD) to UABRF before we can proceed.

When you are transferring research material to a non-profit organization you must submit a “UAB Material Transfer Agreement Submission Form for Sending Materials from UAB” (link to form below) and all additional documents required by the instructions within the Submission Form.

The MTA Office will negotiate the agreements, manage correspondence, obtain required institutional signatures on the agreement, and provide you with copies of all executed agreements. The submission form provides the essential information used to negotiate a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) to send to the recipient investigator and institution. It also provides information regarding all relevant parties to the agreement. It is necessary that the MTA Office  know specific information about the material that is to be provided.

Please note original signatures are required on the UAB MTA Submission Forms, you will need to print the completed form and obtain the necessary signatures. Once the signatures have been obtained please send the completed form to: UABRF/MTAs, AB770, 701 20th Street South.

The form is designed so that you may type directly into the form. Do not save a template to your computer, always get your template from this website.

The MTA Office will provide the MTA to the Recipient after review has been concluded and approval has been received.

Click here to download UAB Material Transfer Agreement Submission Form Word format.

If you experience difficulty with the forms or have questions please notify RF Webmaster.