Mission, Purpose & Goals


The mission of the University Honors Program is to provide a challenging, innovative, personal, and individualized interdisciplinary course of study for a diverse group of highly motivated undergraduate students. The program, which accepts about 50 students a year, seeks to excite and challenge students who are committed to excellence by replacing the core curriculum with an interdisciplinary arts and sciences curriculum. The University Honors Program draws on the expertise of faculty throughout the campus and in the larger community to team-teach unique interdisciplinary courses and offer seminars on topics not otherwise offered in the undergraduate catalog. The program offers its students individualized academic help and personalized academic advice and counseling. The challenges and excitement of the University Honors Program extend far beyond the classroom to include a broad range of research, extracurricular, and community-service opportunities.


The University Honors Program is designed for students who want to satisfy their intellectual curiosity both inside and outside the classroom. It draws on the wide range of resources available at a major research university and concentrates these resources within a small, personal, liberal arts setting. The University Honors Program offers an innovative and challenging interdisciplinary arts and sciences curriculum for highly motivated students with a strong intellectual curiosity. The UAB University Honors Program allows committed students representing a wide variety of majors, backgrounds, and interests to form close relationships with faculty, to explore new ideas, and to share their ideas and interests within a community of committed scholars in the friendly confines of the Spencer Honors House. The interdisciplinary arts and sciences curriculum is specially designed for honors students and is taught by faculty members who are known for their excellence in teaching and scholarship.


  • To prepare students for entrance into graduate programs, professional schools, and/or the job market
  • To replace the core with an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum that challenges and excites gifted and/or highly motivated undergraduates
  • To provide social and service-oriented as well as academic opportunities
  • To provide an educational and social community that reflects the full diversity of the campus and region
  • To provide a holistic educational and social experience that leads to personal growth, professional success, and lifelong learning