The University Honors Program offers an innovative and challenging interdisciplinary arts and sciences curriculum, which is specially designed for our honors students and taught by faculty members who are known for their excellence in teaching and scholarship. Our honors program draws on the expertise of faculty throughout the campus and in the larger community to team-teach unique interdisciplinary courses and to offer seminars on topics not otherwise offered in other academic departments.


The curriculum (33 hours)

A) Fall Interdisciplinary Course (18 credit hours)

Students take a nine credit-hour interdisciplinary course in the fall of their freshman and sophomore years (9 credit hours each).
Each fall, a new interdisciplinary course is team-taught by five or six faculty members from different disciplines. Each interdisciplinary course is organized thematically and is designed to cover a broad range of material from a variety of disciplines.

B) Honors Seminars (15 credit hours)

Students take five honors seminars prior to graduation (3 credit hours each).
Each year about 18-20 new seminar topics are selected in a variety of different fields. The seminars focus on issues of major and topical interest within a field as well as on issues whose implications and applications stretch beyond a specific field. The seminars typically cover topics not covered by courses offered in the regular undergraduate curriculum. Enrollment in seminars is capped at 16 students. Students completing a departmental honors program may substitute this for 1 to 2 UHP honors seminars (depending on their major). A Study Abroad program can also replace an honors seminar.


Students entering with AP, IB, or dual enrollment credits can apply these toward their major/minor or use them as elective credits as they do not replace any of our unique interdisciplinary courses.

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