Who should apply?

Intellectual curiosity, strong motivation, and a willingness to explore and develop one's talents define the University Honors Program student. The University Honors Program is intended to attract bright, curious, dedicated students who can both profit from and contribute to an intensive learning experience.  Such students cannot always be identified on the basis of an objective set of criteria; therefore, all applicants will be given careful consideration on the basis of whatever evidence they present, both in the written application and in a personal interview.

Students are evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • academic ability, as indicated by high school or previous college grades
  • creativity or talent, as in science, music, art, drama, leadership, etc.
  • intellectual promise, as indicated by standard aptitude or achievement tests
  • recommendations of knowledgeable instructors
  • competence in basic skills such as grammar, English composition, and mathematics
  • evidence of any of the above as disclosed in a personal interview