About Birmingham

If you’re ready to make your mark on the world, this is the place to do it. For more than 35 years, UAB students and faculty have generated unique ideas and groundbreaking solutions to address the issues and challenges of a changing society. UAB’s innovations impact business, education, engineering, health care, the arts and sciences, and many other aspects of life worldwide. But what truly makes this an energetic, exciting place is the fact that here you help play a role in launching a bright future—for yourself and everyone else.


UAB is one of Alabama’s largest and fastest growing universities, full of energy and opportunities.  Home to over 16,000 students from all over Alabama, the nation, and the world.  UAB buzzes with activity throughout the year.  You can get involved with more than 150 student organizations, ranging from student government, intramural sports, the marching band, fraternities and sororities, and special interest organizations.  You’ll also enjoy UAB football, basketball, and other sports, plus free movies, guest speakers, recreational facilities, and much more.


Located in the heart of Birmingham, UAB is your gateway to Alabama’s largest, most vibrant city.  Many popular attractions, restaurants, shopping malls, and cultural and entertainment options are located just blocks from campus.  Festivals, concerts, and more provide plenty to do.