Provisions Regarding Financial Aid, Educational Assistance, and/or Third-Party Payments

Students who have completed the financial aid process and been notified they are scheduled to receive aid before Thursday, August 15, will have the amount of the financial aid award deducted from the amount due for initial payment. This amount will be due 10 days prior to the start of the term.

The financial aid award applied to the student’s account at the beginning of the term will include only those sources of aid which are distributed at the beginning of the term — for example, sources such as grants, loans and/or scholarships. Aid sources such as Federal Work-Study or stipends paid to individuals over the course of the term will not be applied to student balances before the semester begins. It is the student’s responsibility to use Federal Work-Study, stipend and other similar funds to cover school expenses as needed.  

Students who have met the requirements for UAB Educational Assistance before Monday, August 6, will have the amount of anticipated educational assistance deducted from the amount due for initial payment. Students receiving support from non-university sources (VA, GI Bill, PACT, etc.) should contact Student Accounting and complete the process to be associated with a Third-Party Vendor by Thursday, August 15. Payments from these sources also will be deducted from the amount due for initial payment.

Student balances calculated after available aid is applied will be available in BlazerNET after completion of both registration and financial aid processing. Students who have applied for and/or are seeking any of the above types of aid but have not completed the process must pay the required balance by the appropriate due date.

 Financial Aid Example
Total Balance $7,308
Tuition and Fees $2,903
Meal Plan $1,905
Residence Hall $2,500
Total Due August 15, 2013
$3,654 (50 percent)
Total Anticipated Assistance $2,800
Financial Aid: $2,300
               Pell Grant:     $1,400
               SEOG:           $400
               Scholarship:   $500
Third Party Vendor: $500
Actual Amount Due From Student* $854
*(10 days prior to start of term)  
Total Balance: $7,308  
Total Due Aug. 15: $3,654 (50 percent of total balance)  
Total Anticipated Assistance: $2,800  
Actual Amount Due from Student: $854