The UAB Commission on the Status of Women is pleased to announce the grand opening of the Shelby Building Lactation Center, located at the rear of the first floor women's restroom. This lactation center is the first on campus, located outside of the hospital, that is open to all university faculty, staff and students. Two more sites are planned for the Hill University Center and Sterne Library which will open in the future.

In addition to the CSW sites, the School of Public Health has allocated space for a lactation center which will be primarily for the school's employees and students, and the School of Dentistry has a lactation center specifically for dental employees and students. Two lactation centers in UAB Hospital are available mainly to hospital employees.

Because of the Commission's efforts, UAB is the first in the state to be recognized by the Alabama Breastfeeding Committee as a breastfeeding friendly workplace. The Commission extends a heartfelt thank you to the members of the Lactation Centers Subcommittee, Campus Planning, Human Resources, Media Relations, and the Alabama Breastfeeding Committee for their support and encouragement of this project.

The ABC designation has been a goal of the UAB Commission on the Status of Women, created to assess and improve the climate and conditions in which women at UAB work, live, and study. The CSW worked to establish on-campus lactation centers in response to feedback by those who expressed a desire for breastfeeding facility accessible to all female employees and students.

“We are pleased that the UAB administration has responded to the recommendation of the CSW, which worked with faculty, employees and students across UAB to examine issues that frequently were raised and then proposed strategies and solutions that address these concerns,” said CSW Chair Mona Fouad, M.D.“We are delighted that UAB has been recognized for this effort by the ABC.”

Local Media Touts UAB's Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Designation
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