Do you have a UAB memory you will always treasure?
Click through the pictures to discover the times our students, alumni, employees, and friends can’t forget.

Dr. Carl E. McFarland, Jr.
"This man was none other than the father of UAB, Joe Volker"
Lexi Long
"It’s my favorite birthday memory."
Bree Krul
"I was part of the UAB women’s volleyball team from 1992 to 1996 and..."
Charlotte Waits
"He knew I was Charlotte Kent-the one always asking questions in class."
Allison Strider
"My husband, Thomas, and I met freshman year."
Hana Habchi
"There were more people on the Campus Green than I had ever seen before."
Cameron Vowell
"I was barefoot, had on an old, worn-out lab coat, and I looked like hell."
Xavian Tate
"We became close—like a brotherhood."
Blake Pritchett
"I had never been outside the United States..."
Janice Ward
"When Torrey passed away, people from UAB camped out at our house and took care of us."
Daniel Walters
"The year that we played Oklahoma, I'll never forget..."