At UAB, we laugh. We cry. We discover. We learn. We cheer. We invent. We excel. And we do it together. That’s why including your memory in our 50th anniversary oral history project is so important. Your memory’s a part of UAB, and it belongs in our Archives. Furthermore, we want to share your tale on the web, on social media, in print, or in a podcast this fall.
Check out some memories and share yours today. After all, our story isn’t complete without you.

Malcolm Lunceford
"I got to UAB, and my fraternity let me know that they were wanting to colonize on this campus."
Sarah Witkowski & Ryan Meyer
"The day of the snow-pocalypse - which we were working in Heritage Hall..."
Alison Kniseley & Roxanne Palmer-Jones
"I have a new lease on life."
Darrin Reaves II
"When I saw it, I wanted to bring it back to Birmingham."
Daniel Dye & Brandi McCleskey
"We were on some Polaris ATV in the middle of nowhere, July in Alabama, It was so hot, and I thought, 'This is the best moment of my life.'"
Alex Jones
"My freshman year - that was the year that UAB won the conference USA Title."
Caleb Maxey
"I wanted to leave because I wanted to experience different cultures."
Brynn Welch
"I was teaching philosophy at a small liberal arts college."
Julius Seidenfaden
"My earliest memory is of wanting to be an artist."
Tandy Petrov
"UAB for the second time gave me an option and saved my life.That's when it hit, I knew I had to come here."
Marquise Pruitt
"Seeing everyone come together as a family is what I loved most about going to UAB."
Kim Bean
"You could tell it wasn't just their job—that they really cared about us."
Akash Patel & Landon Clements
"My friends have been a big impact
in my life."
Connor Gentry & Ivy Null
"I joined the Marching Blazers when I first came and honestly didn't even notice you."
Catherine Bates & Elizabeth Bates
"Our story starts off after our very first band camp at UAB."
Lauren Smith
"We're racing down the highway—It's like two in the morning..."
Daphne Powell
"I was and still am the first-generation college graduate in my entire family."
Sarolyn & Brandon Cohill
"My husband and I met at UAB as freshmen in the fall of 2011."
Lindsey Hill & Marites Hill
"My mom is my role model, and she helped me through so much while we were in school together."
Alex Pulito
"It was the most awkward thing ever."
Kristi Smith
"UAB is not only where I went to college and where I work—it's where I met my husband and started a family."
Jessyca Wofford & Joshua Evans
“...Sterne—around midterms and finals—it turns into ‘Club Sterne.’”
Dr. Carl E. McFarland, Jr.
"This man was none other than the father of UAB, Joe Volker"
Lexi Long
"It’s my favorite birthday memory."
Bree Krul
"I was part of the UAB women’s volleyball team from 1992 to 1996 and..."
Charlotte Waits
“He knew I was Charlotte Kent—the one always asking questions in class.”
Allison Strider
"My husband, Thomas, and I met freshman year."
Hana Habchi
"There were more people on the Campus Green than I had ever seen before."
Cameron Vowell
"I was barefoot, had on an old, worn-out lab coat, and I looked like hell."
Xavian Tate
"We became close—like a brotherhood."
Blake Pritchett
"I had never been outside the United States..."
Janice Ward
"When Torrey passed away, people from UAB camped out at our house and took care of us."
Daniel Walters
"The year that we played Oklahoma, I'll never forget..."