Alex Pulito

Alex Pulito

It was the most awkward thing ever.

Dalton and I met online, and we discovered that both of us go to UAB. After a couple months of talking, we decided to meet by the Starbucks in the Hill Center. It was kind of chaotic, because we never really set a time—and I completely forgot. So he texted me and asked where I was, and I, trying to cover my forgetfulness, said I was waiting for him.

I sprinted to the Hill, ran up the stairs, and told him that I couldn’t find him. He texted back saying that he had to go to the restroom, so I waited for him by the front desk. After that, he finally came out and we got our Starbucks. Then a friend of mine met us, and we ended up having lunch at the Commons. It was the most awkward thing ever. He didn’t really talk—at all. But I knew something good would come out of it, even if it was just a friendship. He finally asked me out in November 2018.

—Alex Pulito is a freshman majoring in biology from Hayden, Alabama.

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