Share Your Memories

What are your best recollections from your time at UAB? We want to hear them.

Did you cross the stage with the original group of UAB graduates? Receive a lifesaving surgery at UAB Hospital?
Cheer on the Blazers to another Bartow-era basketball victory?
Form a lasting friendship—or meet the love of your life—over lunch at the Hill Student Center food court?

Anyone who is part of the UAB family—students, alumni, employees, patients, and community members—is welcome to record or upload memories. Memories may be stored, published, and promoted as part of UAB’s 50th anniversary celebration.

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There are two ways you can share your UAB memory.
Book the audio booth with a friend, colleague, or mentor and reminisce together while we record your audio.
We will be turning the recordings into a podcast and sharing them on this website. 
Another option is to upload your memory using the form below. You simply type your memory and attach a photo. 
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