Blackboard Collaborate is a platform of tools that provides synchronous video and audio interaction, display, and collaborative tools for online and blended courses.

The Collaborate building block installed on 10/18/2013 has some changes to the main interface. Click for an interface comparison.

Note on archive conversion
: Collaborate has indicated that MP3 and particularly MP4 format conversions may take longer than previously indicated.
MP4 conversion will take at least double the recording length (e.g. a 1-hour recording will take at least 2 hours to convert), and may take longer depending on the volume of requests. Additional information on this and other known issues is posted on the Collaborate knowledge base.

The following links provide information on using the system from the moderator perspective. The student support page contains information on how Collaborate works from the participant perspective. 

General Resources Wimba - Collaborate Comparison Summary
Check System Requirements Quick Start Guide
Moderator Guide System Overview
(Will require that you download the Collaborate client)
The whiteboard Application sharing
Introduction to web tour System feature demos