Typefaces do more than spell words. Used consistently, they become images or symbols for our brand and demonstrate its essence. 

UAB websites use two fonts: Arimo (the type you're currently reading) and Fjalla One (used in headlines like the words "Brand Toolkit" above). They are sourced from Google with an SIL Open Font License (OFL).

The UAB logo uses the Avenir font. Many computers already have a version of this font installed. But please bear in mind that all logos, wordmarks, taglines and anything else that is presented near the UAB monogram, should be created by the Office of University Relations. You can request logos here.

However, if you'd like to produce other materials that use the Avenir font and you do not currently have access to this font on your computer, you can purchase the typefaces directly from Adobe:

Avenir Std Book
Avenir Std Heavy

These fonts carry license agreements just like any other software. As such, they cannot simply be made available for download on this site. 

Other fonts suggested for use are Garamond, Calibri, and Gabriola. These fonts are available to users of Microsoft Office on both Windows and Macintosh. See examples below: