When you first approach Joomla, one of the most important things to understand is how the system itself is organized. In order to help you remember what to do, think of this acronym – C.A.M.

C – First, you need a Category
A – then create your Article and assign it to the appropriate section and category
M– then create a Menu item linking to the article

It is straightforward enough to add content using an article, but how do you determine where on the site that content will be displayed? The answer to this question is menus.

The entire Joomla system is organized around menus. Content on a Joomla site needs to be connected to a menu before it is available to visitors. Menus also help us bring in dynamic content.  When used in conjunction with sections and categories, we can present article content in lists or blog layouts.

Joomla menus define how the user will access the content of a site. The presentation of that menu is controlled in the UAB sites by modules and by the template that has been designed for you.