A multitude of tools and services are available to support your outreach online. A few are listed here.

Appearance and Branding

Centrally supported CSS
UAB Web Communications maintains the global CSS (cascading style sheets) associated with UAB sites.  By using the centrally supported CSS, you improve the user experience by maintaining a consistent look and feel across all UAB sites.

Domain names
UAB URLs are extensions of the root uab.edu, such as www.uab.edu/brand. While www.uab.edu is the preferred root name, some departments may have alternative third-level domains.

Friendly URLs
Friendly URLs make it easier for your audience to find you. For example, the friendly URL www.uab.edu/medicine/scholarships is easier to remember than www.uab.edu/medicine/home/education/prospective/ed-funding/scholarships. If your website has a particularly difficult address, ask for a friendly URL.

Images for Web
Looking for the perfect UAB image?  Check out the Image Gallery and our best practices.


A content-management system (CMS) that enables you to make and update Web pages easily.

UAB IT offers SharePoint ("my site") for intranet collaboration. These sites may be used for file sharing, documentation, discussion boards, workflow projects and keep your team connected. To access your site, the address should include your BlazerID in this address: https://mysite.ad.uab.edu/personal/{BlazerID}

Canvas provides tools for document distribution, communication and assessment plus a host of other tools to encourage course participation. Learning-management software offers many features, including class notes, media streaming, quizzes, ePortfolios and forums.

Function and effectiveness

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a powerful tool that enables Web Communications to monitor and analyze Web traffic, and it is deployed on all UAB Joomla sites hosted via Central IT.

Google Search Appliance
Allows universal searches of UAB sites to best serve search results based upon crawling and indexing technologies.

Hosting services are offered at no charge when you use UAB's content-management system, Joomla.

Provides site administrators with a weekly report listing broken links and misspellings found with their site.  It also reports large media files that could affect the usability of a site.