2017 CIRTL Practitioners 

back row (L to R) 
Lillian Brady, Doctoral Trainee, Biomedical
Dr. Mohamed Selim, Postdoctoral Fellow, Engineering
Dr. Meng-Chang Hsiao, Postdoctoral Fellow, Medical Genetics 
Dr. Ossama Ramadan, Postdoctoral Fellow, Engineering
Matthew Timberlake, Doctoral Trainee, Psychology

Front row (seated L to R)

Michelle Wittig, Doctoral Trainee, Psychology
Leslie Hendon, Laboratory Coordinator, Biology
Courtney Fernandez Petty, Doctoral Trainee, Biomedical
CIRTL PRactitioners 2017
Greg Peek

Greg Peek CIRTL Practitioner 2015

Stephanie Momeni
Stephanie Momeni CIRTL Practitioner 2014

Latoya Paul
Latoya Paul CIRTL Practitioner 2014

Marla Hertz
Marla Hertz CIRTL Practitioner 2014

Rob Mans
Rob Mans CIRTL Practitioner 2014

Ewa Szymanska Mrocek
Ewa Szymanska Mrocek CIRTL Practitioner2013

Jessica Perez
Jessica Perez CIRTL Practitioner 2013

Kerri Mans and Hope Amm
Kerri Mans and Hope Amm CIRTL Practitioner 2013