Signs, posters, and digital assets featuring COVID-19 health and safety guidance to display throughout the university campus are available below and through the CDC website. If you need to customize signs for your unit, templates are available through Lucidpress. These signs are not intended for UAB Medicine use.


Installation Best Practices

When self-installing re-entry signage, please adhere to best practices outlined below to avoid damage to surfaces and ensure signage visibility.

Sign + Date Each Sign

Each university re-entry sign includes a space at the bottom for a signature and date. Building administrators should always sign and date each sign upon installation to ensure the most up to date information is displayed. 

Utilize Existing Spaces

Before self-installing paper signage with adhesives, first check for pre-existing spaces that can accommodate signage inserts (e.g. acrylic wall mounts, freestanding hand sanitizer units, magazine racks / stands, etc.).

Recommended Materials for Installation

When self-installing paper signage, please use gentle adhesives intended to prevent damage to surfaces, like removable tacky putty or painter's tape. Check with your building administrator if you're in need of these supplies. For large or more permanent signage installation that requires drills or screws, please contact UAB Facilities and / or work with a licensed professional signage vendor.

Ensure Good Visibility

Consider the use and flow of traffic in your space to assess where signage is needed. Avoid shrinking sign sizes and install signs at eye level to increase visibility. Use Spanish versions of signs when needed, and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if additional language translations are needed for your area.

Avoid Cluttering

Use good judgement to avoid cluttering too many COVID-19 signs in one space. When signage is easy to see, placed well, and not overdone, messages are more likely to be received.

Check for New Signage

University Relations will add new or revised signage to this site as new COVID-19 health and safety guidance becomes available. Check this site often to access the most current versions available.


Printing Resources

University Relations will collaborate with Facilities to produce and install re-entry signage across campus common areas, including entrances, lobbies, stairwells, hallways, and some outdoor areas. In addition, individual units may choose to add additional or department-specific signage to their workspace. To do so, please use the print-ready signage files available on this site or within Lucidpress. Print vendor recommendations and best practices are outlined below.

UAB Printing and Mailing Services

Other Licensed Print Vendors

Because the university's official re-entry signage features UAB trademarks, only vendors that hold a current CLC license are authorized to print the signs. Here's how to check if a vendor is licensed. Need help finding a licensed vendor? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Keep in mind, many of the university's approved promotional and apparel vendors are licensed and able to produce signage.


Lucidpress users will find all university re-entry signage templates in Lucidpress. The easy to use design platform allows users to customize the signage to meet their unique, departmental needs. Visit this page to learn more about Lucidpress or request an account.


Print-ready Signage

  • Post safety signage indoors to foster healthy habits that slow the spread of COVID-19, including hand washing, avoiding groups, elevator safety, and maintaining safe distances from others.

  • Utilize directional signage both inside and outside buildings to designate one-way traffic flow, entrances and exits, and safe distances at waiting areas.

  • In addition to UAB's re-entry signage, it is also permissible to use signage from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Their free, downloadable print resources support COVID-19 recommendations for health and safety, and are offered in multiple languages.