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The African American Faculty Association at the University of Alabama at Birmingham is committed to recruiting, retaining, and supporting African American faculty, providing faculty with support and mentoring for professional development, advocating for African American faculty and their needs and concerns, promoting communication and networking between Association faculty and other faculty groups, supporting faculty and student activities, and encouraging participation in campus governance.

News From AAFA

  • Gakumo Chosen for NIA Butler-Williams Scholars Program
  • Amos Helps UAB Hospital Make a Good First Impression
  • UAB Cancer Specialists in Newsweek Top Cancer Doctors 2015

News From UAB

  • Four faculty members selected for NCFDD Summer Faculty Success Program
  • How the brain translates motivation into goal-oriented behavior, according to new study
  • Feb. 24, UAB hosts the Camille Armstrong Memorial Scholarship Step Show

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