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BWOMEN was conceptualized in the Spring of 2012 with the intent of uplifting Black females at UAB. The intent of BWOMEN is to empower and mobilize the women by creating an institutional platform for students to develop and increase confidence in their leadership skills while becoming more proactive in realizing their aspirations and talents. The motto for BWOMEN is, “Lifting as we climb!”. BWOMEN is both the advocacy arm of the UAB African American/Black Faculty Association Student Outreach Committee (AAFASOC) and a UAB Student Organization. BWOMEN seek ways to collectively facilitate access to networks of support and advocacy within our organizations, the university, and the community-at-large. We recognize that individuals electing to belong to BWOMEN are an eclectic group of women who are very cognizant that this organization is one of the many they will join during their college experience. BWOMEN has as its priority overall student well-being and excellence while promoting mentoring, leadership, and service opportunities. Valerie Carter, a UAB graduate and the first president, was instrumental in the development of BWOMEN.

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Professional Development

Professional Development

The AAFA has sponsored promotion and tenure seminars to support tenure-track faculty. The organization also provides academic and professional development to African American student organizations through its Student Outreach and Scholarship Committees. Please contact AAFA to share recommendations for future professional development initiatives.

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