UAB Education SPACE (Support Programs for Access into Career Exploration) is a web-based portal created to centralize all of UAB’s sponsored educational opportunities and activities for students ranging from elementary school through graduate and professional education levels. This cross-campus collaboration represents our continuous commitment to diversity and inclusion by simplifying pathways into and throughout higher education while promoting educational equity by facilitating information access for all students and stakeholders throughout our surrounding communities.

Using the UAB Ed SPACE dashboard

To use the UAB Ed SPACE dashboard, move your cursor to click on any program filtering options. You can find programs by availability term, student education level participation requirement, and/or education program category. Once you have identified your desired program, click on the earth globe icon to receive a summary of the available program, contact and website information. Once you click on the identified program, you will then have the option to either email the program contact or visit the program’s website for more information (i.e. program dates, slots available, application information, etc.).

If you are a program director or coordinator and would like to have your program listed, please fill out the submission form. If you have any questions regarding the UAB Ed SPACE, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For mobile user view, click the cellphone icon. Due to database size, the results may be slow to load.