Critical Conversation: Community Wide Civic Dialogue

Critical Conversation is a platform for students, faculty, staff, and local citizens outside of UAB to come together and discuss topics ranging from current events and pop culture to social commentary and how these issues intersect and affect our daily lives. The aim of this initiative is three-fold: (1) To use current events, pop culture, and social commentary as a means to engage UAB and its surrounding communities in civil discourse; (2) Facilitate deeper understandings about some of the today’s most vital issues by using our local and national experts to contextualize and inform discussion topics; and (3) Train and empower participants in how to critically consume, scrutinize and respond to information provided through various communication mediums. We believe that by creating these type of informative dialogues, we contribute to strengthening our learning communities and providing a safe intellectual space for faculty, students, staff, and members of the community to engage one another. Thus, we continue the work of breaking down social barriers which ultimately divide us from community building. 

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Talk Matters

#TalkMatters: New Initiative to Focus on Critical Dialogues

#TalkMatters is an initiative to bring the UAB community together to address issues of inclusion, diversity, equality, and awareness through an education lens. #TalkMatters aims to facilitate open, and honest discussion about social justice and fairness and introduce knowledge and skills that strengthen the capacity of our campus community to drive structural inclusion for all groups.

Each month, ODEI will facilitate discussions around challenging topics like bias, microaggressions, predispositions and blind spots. Our hope is that participants gain a deeper understanding of differences and a greater respect for diversity as a strength and value added as we strive to build a more inclusive and welcoming community. 

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Community Month CACE

Community Month

Throughout January, activities are planned to engage students, faculty, staff and the wider community in diversity programs that include lectures, cultural programs, film screening and games organized by various academic and support units across the campus. Many of these events allow departments and organizations to showcase their diversity efforts through presentations, lectures, and performances. Others will allow participants to take part in critical dialogues. The month-long series begins January 10, 2019. 

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Cultural Lens

Cultural Lens

Cultural Lens: Film & Speaker Series introduces films, scholars, authors, artists, and activists to campus to address various topics and how those topics are being defined and portrayed through the media. Using these illustrations, we aim to explore and drive discussion on the film’s accuracy, while addressing legitimized myths and barriers along the road to finding common ground. Each semester, ODEI will host these screening events and facilitate conversations following the selected film. Panelists will discuss reflections and encourage a larger conversation through audience participation. Co-Sponsors are UAB Student Multicultural and Diversity Programs and Student Involvement. 

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