ray watts

UAB remains committed to maintaining a culture of respect and civility that is aligned with our vision, mission and shared values. That commitment is reflected in our policies and procedures and in our conduct, as UAB proudly demonstrates every day the values we live by and that are indeed self-evident on our richly diverse and inclusive campus. Everybody counts, every day. 

We have a number of programs initiatives to support our commitment, such as our online harassment prevention education program, implemented in October 2018, to establish a common definition of inappropriate behavior and identify available resources for support. This program will be administered annually in alignment with the reaffirmation of our commitment to equal opportunity and an environment free from discrimination and harassment.

Such programs build upon UAB’s longtime culture of equity, inclusion, and collaboration that has been a hallmark of UAB for nearly five decades. We are consistently recognized nationally for our diversity and we will remain a model campus environment in which we are all respected and supported in pursuing our own professional goals and the shared goals of our great university.

Thank you for all you are doing to promote that culture and our continued growth and success.

- Ray L. Watts, M.D.