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As a public institution of higher education—and one recognized nationally for our diversity –UAB is committed to respectful and open dialogue that leads to greater understanding of our differences and, at the same time, the core values, goals, and aspirations we all share.  

Our diverse campus culture embraces diversity of thought—a range of perspectives, opinions and competing ideas—as well as the unifying principle that reasonable people can differ respectfully. That is the common ground where constructive discussions are had and progress made, and this civility contributes to our longtime collaborative spirit that drives innovation, service and positive change at home and around the world.

Our commitment to such a respectful, inclusive environment is reflected in our vision, mission and shared values; our policies and procedures; our annual reaffirmation of our commitment to equal opportunity and an environment free from discrimination and harassment; and the initiatives and programming of our Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, such as the Critical Conversations series. As important, that commitment is also reflected in our conduct, as UAB proudly demonstrates daily the values we live by and that are indeed self-evident on our richly diverse and inclusive campus. Everybody counts, every day. 

That is the character and creed of UAB, and it always will be. As we continue to grow and excel as a campus and community, we do so in an unwavering spirit of civility, understanding, and respectfulness for one another. 

- Ray L. Watts, M.D.




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