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The University of Alabama at Birmingham is dedicated to anti-racism and justice, and we firmly condemn hate and violence in all forms. As a community of shared values that include integrity, respect, diversity and inclusiveness, and accountability, we are reminded of the greater social responsibility to use our platform in support of others. Together, we stand in solidarity with those who seek justice in the call to #StopAAPIHate.

We know that sending love and condolences and reaffirming our shared values are not enough. We must keep working to model inclusive excellence by providing education, raising awareness, and supporting efforts to address society’s ills including but not limited to gun violence, hate crimes, gender-based violence, racism and xenophobia. This work is complicated, and we recognize the immense emotional toll and trauma these continued events of anti-Asian violence have on members of our community, especially when experienced in addition to the global pandemic and ongoing racial violence throughout the United States.

Our immediate focus as an institution is ensuring that our Asian American Pacific Islander community here at UAB feels supported and safe. The UAB Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Student Multicultural & Diversity Programs remain available to anyone who needs additional support at this time. 

Below is a listing of anti-racist resources that are just a start toward learning about and understanding racism in the US and abroad. 


Organizations to follow:  


Advocacy and empowerment: 


Anti-racism resources:


Download the full list here. See additional anti-racism resources here.