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College + University Teaching FrameworkThe University of Alabama at Birmingham will host the College + University Teaching Environment (CUTE) survey beginning in September 2021. The survey, administered by Indiana University Bloomington, was designed to measure instructional staff (faculty, instructors, graduate students who teach, etc.) perceptions of institutional support for instruction and meeting instructor needs. More specifically, these items collect data about faculty practice, support, needs, and motivations in order to help institutions looking to improve the ways in which they support their faculty as well as promote discussion between higher education scholars working to improve inequities within the professoriate.

Grounded in the College + University Teaching Environment Framework, the CUTE 2021 survey will focus on four main components of a healthy teaching environment embedded within an institution's climate for diversity:

  1. Processes and policies related to teaching;
  2. Relationships with colleagues, self, and others;
  3. Use and availability of resources;
  4. And relevant affective components.

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