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Higher Education Recruitment Consortium

UAB is a proud member of the Southeastern Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC). The organization strives to strengthen the pipeline of faculty, staff and executives in higher education. HERC offers job seekers free access to open positions at institutions across the country, sharing over 40,000 job opportunities and other resources and networks to boost recruitment and retention practices. 

In addition to free access to open positions, HERC offers job seekers career advice through webinars, relocation resources and career news. 

For additional information and questions about HERC, visit the HERC Southeastern Website.


  • HERC Member Resources

    The Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) offers a range of resources to advance recruitment and retention in higher education. These resources, networking opportunities, and outreach programs guide the hiring practices and promote the retention of a diverse and qualified workforce.

  • How to Activate Your UAB Sponsored Membership
    1. Go to the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium website.
    2. Select the HERCONNECT and choose "Register Here".
    3. Follow instructions to complete the registration form using your UAB email address (your blazerid @ UAB.edu).
    4. Once you have submitted your registration information, your HERConnect account will be approved within one business day.

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