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faculty search introThis guide has been created by the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We firmly commit to the idea that our respective missions are entirely congruent.

This guide follows the steps of the recruitment process, from the initial idea and need for a position through the beginning of employment on campus. Be sure to review the additional resources listed with the steps to help your search go smoothly.

  • Step 1. Define the Need for the Position

    As with any important project, upfront planning helps to ensure success. The first step—before writing a position description or promoting the job online—is to review the departmental/unit strategic plan and determine if a position can help achieve the plan’s goals. Having a diverse work force should be among those goals.

    Step 2. Appoint and Prepare the Search Committee

    The search committee oversees the recruitment and hiring process to ensure a fair, complete search and to select the most qualified candidate. Determining the composition of this group is a crucial task.

    Search Committee Preparation Guide

    Step 3. Organize the Search

    Taking time to organize and define the search process, in alignment with unit goals, helps a search committee recruit the best, most qualified faculty and present UAB as an attractive, welcoming community.

    Do’s and Don’ts for Creating a Fair Faculty Recruiting Process
  • Step 4. Post the Position to UABPeople Admin

    The search process officially begins when an approved position requisition posts to UAB PeopleAdmin, the online faculty recruitment and applicant track-ing system.

    Step 5. Review Candidate Materials

    Faculty searches generate a large volume of information from candidates. For search committees, the first step is to review candidates’ submitted materials in depth to ensure that the applicants meet the minimum qualifications and selection criteria outlined in the position description.

    Best Practices for Developing a Short List of Candidates

    Step 6. Conduct Interviews

    The interview is one of the most exciting and angst-inducing parts of the re-cruitment process for both candidates and the search committee.

    Step 7. Conduct Reference Checks

    Checking an applicant’s references before making an offer is essential. Search committees should never skip this step or take it lightly, or else it could result in an uncomfortable situation after the hire if a candidate’s references reveal unexpected information.

    Step 8. Submit Finalists for Further Consideration

  • Step 9. Extend the Offer

    Once the search committee, dean, and/or unit head have agreed upon the can-didate to hire, the unit administrator will initiate the offer by submitting the hiring proposal and letter of offer to UAB PeopleAdmin.

    Step 10. Conclude the Search and Prepare for the New Faculty Member

    Your work has reached its final stages, which include wrapping up the search and helping to ensure that your new colleague enjoys a positive arrival experience.

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