donna williamsonDonna Williamson, director of the UAB Office of Research, has been selected as chair of the UAB Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). The CSW is dedicated to promoting gender inclusion and equity by supporting and improving options and opportunities for women at every stage of their education and career. 

Serving as the Director of Research Safety Committees, Williamson is currently responsible for the implementation and management of several research-related safety committees, including the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), the Chemical Safety and Environmental Management Committee (CSEMC), the Radioisotope and Radiation Safety Committee (RRSC) and the committee for Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC).

Williamson has been a part of the UAB community since 1999 and has worked with the CSW since 2018, most recently serving as vice chair. 

"The UAB family is a small melting pot of our world at large. Getting to work toward common goals with groups of individuals from such diverse backgrounds means that our resulting “products” are vetted from many angles, are richly spiced, and are far more interesting and sustainable than those generated alone," said Williamson.

As chair, Williamson will lead the 42 members of the Commission to advise the UAB President on issues, policies, and practices that affect women; propose initiatives to ensure that the needs of women employees and students are fairly met, and report regularly to the president and UAB community on the status of women at UAB.

"I am humbled by this amazing group of recognized female leaders.  Even though we all lead busy lives, we come together to work for all women at UAB," Williamson said. 
Her term began on August 1.