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The Padma AwardsThe Padma is a symbol that was designed to represent resilience and our ability to “rise above the surface and bloom daily." Our desire with the Padma Awards (previously the Outstanding Women Awards) is to shine a light on those who go above and beyond to persevere in support of underrepresented populations. We are proud to acknowledge the good work, extraordinary contributions, and accomplishments of UAB faculty, staff, and students. Although the Padma Awards are presented by the CSW, the awards are open to every UAB faculty, staff, or student, regardless of how they identify.

If you know someone who has overcome significant adversity to achieve their goal(s); demonstrated a commitment to working with underrepresented populations; or advanced the issues that primarily affect those populations by:

  • Making it easier for individuals coming from underrepresented populations to achieve professional success
  • Taking a courageous stance in the face of adversity or against popular opinion, or
  • Providing significant service to underrepresented or struggling populations within or external to UAB 


Congratulations to the 2023 Award Recipients:

Chinaza Esiaba

Chinaza Esiaba

2023 Outstanding UAB Undergraduate Student Award

Kesha L. Thurston, PhD

Kesha L. Thurston, DNP

2023 Outstanding UAB Staff Member Award

Carin Mayo

Carin Mayo

2023 Susan D. Marchase Outstanding Administrator Award

Lauren C. Mays, PhD

Lauren C. Mays, DNP

2023 Becky Trigg Outstanding Faculty Member


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