The UAB student organization, Donor to Diner, along with UAB Campus Restaurants will host its second meal donation event in the Commons on the Green. Student will be able to donate one meal, using their meal plan. For those who may not have meal plans, they can still donate a meal at a rate of $10, using Dining Dollars, Blazer Bucks and cash/credit.

No meal plan? You won't be on campus to stop by the Commons to donate? No problem! Donations can also be made through Tapingo! Select the Donor to Diner Meal Donation option within the app, and use your funds to help those in need on campus. 

Last year, you donated over 450 meals. This time, our goal is to reach 500! 

Donations will be received on both February 11 from 4pm - pm and February 12 from 10am - 2pm. 

Fridays just got better for faculty and staff! 

If you love $5 Fridays for faculty and staff as much as we do, we know you'll love the new advance purchase punch card. For $50, you can pay for your Friday lunches in advance and even get two meals on us for free. It's simple: Purchase your ten-punch card from our cashiers and get your first meal for free. Once you fill up your card, you get another meal for free. 

Benefits of Purchasing a Punch Card 

  • Enjoy all-you-care-to-eat dining 
  • Save $$ on gas (and you won't lose that great parking spot you found)
  • Unlike restaurants, our prices stay the same all semester
  • Enjoy healthy options from our Mindful program 

We'll see you on Friday!
It's that time of year again - the time to give, that is! Food insecurity is real and affects students within the UAB community. Let's make a difference and pack the Department of Student Advocacy's on-campus food pantry. 

You don't even have to worry about going to the grocery store to buy cans. We've got that covered! For $5, you can get 5 cans to donate directly to the food pantry. Come to the Commons on the Green at anytime on Friday, November 13th and purchase your cans and take them to the Department of Student Advocacy's office, located at 1715 9th Avenue South. What's even better? Cans can be purchased using your Dining Dollars, Blazer Bucks or cash or credit. 

Tis the season to give and make a difference!
The Foundations of Flavor
Exploring the history of our modern cuisine is a fascinating journey over this earth and over time. It can be comforting to know that many of the grains, greens, and produce we eat today are the same ones that have fed and fortified humanity for thousands of years! From prehistoric, ancient times, through the Renaissance and Victorian eras, in countries around the world, people have found innovative ways to transform even the most rudimentary provisions into satisfying meals. Foodie at heart? January 4th - February 16th, enter to win a trip to one of three amazing Food Fanatic destinations. Destinations include New Orleans, New York and Chicago.