What is Find Your Pinspiration?

Find Your Pinspiration is a resident dining promotion that Sodexo is hosting this semester to get students motivated to create a path toward a healthier, more fit lifestyle. This event is sure to create an engaging atmosphere as it builds awareness of the need to choose healthier, nutrient-rich foods and to find ways to become more active.

You can add to the excitment, find your motivation, and possibly inspire others to a healthier lifestyle by pinning ideas, photos, links, and motivational posters: pinterest.com/findyourpinspiration.

Why Find Your Pinspiration?

YOU’LL LIVE LONGER: College-aged men were estimated to gain as much as 2.4 years of life from moderate activity while women at age 20 gained about three additional years from engaging in moderate activity. The benefits are highest for non-Hispanic black women who gained as many as 5.5 potential years of life from moderate activity.

Source: http://www.cfah.org/hbns/2012/exercise-can-extend-your-life-by-as-much-as-five-years#.UlwOL1vD9jo