About the Mid-South Literacy Journal

The University of Alabama at Birmingham, in partnership with The Mid-South Reading/Writing Institute, has established this peer-reviewed online journal, The Mid-South Literacy Journal (MLJ). This new online, peer-reviewed journal is dedicated to disseminating and extending scholarship through original research and practice articles in literacy education. MLJ highlights constructivist-based literacy theory and practice that places the child at the center of the learning process. Each journal features a focus on teachers’ perspectives about issues in the field along with contemporary releases in children’s literature. Utilizing a combination of real-world classroom applications and concrete theoretical framework, the journal provides bi-yearly publications each fall and spring.


This journal extends the legacy of Dr. Maryann Manning, who created the Midsouth Reading/Writing Institute and numerous other literacy initiatives, promoting a constructivist approach to literacy. True to the values and beliefs that impassioned her life, this online, open access, literacy journal will reflect and continue her commitment to authentic literacy practices.