Federal regulations require that institutions receiving federal awards maintain systems and procedures documenting the distribution of work activity, and associated payroll changes, to each individual sponsored agreement. Effort Reporting is the mechanism UAB uses to confirm that salaries and wages charged to sponsored projects are reasonable in relation to the actual work activity performed.

Work activity of a UAB Project Employee is accounted for under an after-the-fact activity records system using a combination of personnel documents and semi-annual (every six months) effort reports. Principal investigators and departmental management are responsible for ensuring UAB Project Employees clearly understand the importance of accurate and timely certification of semi-annual effort reports.

Effort reports automatically generate in the Oracle Administrative System approximately 15 days after the end of the semi-annual reporting period and distributed for departmental review and certification. Certification of an effort report is an employee’s agreement that the report reasonably reflects the work activity for which the University compensated him or her.

Certification of effort reports is required no later than sixty (60) days after the end of the reporting period (hyperlink Effort Reporting Period Dates and Deadlines here). Effort Reports not certified within 60 days after the end of the reporting period are past due and non-compliant with UAB Effort Reporting Policy and Procedures.

Training Resources

Effort Reporting: Effort Report Certification Process Overview

Course Description

This course provides an overview of UAB Effort Reporting process for a semi-annual certification period. This includes why UAB is required to certify effort reports and how an effort report is calculated. It also includes an overview of the certification path, as prescribed by UAB Effort Reporting policy and procedures. This course is designed for departmental effort officers, faculty, and staff involved in the certification of effort process, as well as UAB project employees required to certify an effort report. The intent of the course is to ensure all parties are aware of the importance of timely and accurate effort report certification. Login to the UAB Learning System to register for the course.

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Effort Reporting: Video Tutorials

View and Track Effort Reports

Employees required to certify effort reports and departmental representatives responsible for ensuring effort reports are certified may view effort reports for the current and historical periods dated April 2013 or later, utilizing the Oracle Administrative Systems.

Watch this video for more information on viewing and tracking effort reports.

How to Certify Effort Reports in the Oracle Personal Worklist

This video is for individuals who are responsible for reviewing and certifying a semi annual effort report in the Oracle Administrative System. It reviews the certification process, as well as provides step by step instructions for certifying the effort report.

Watch this video for more information on the effort certification process.

Late Certification of Effort

When an employee certifies their effort report in Oracle after the semi-annual period close date, they have been deemed non-compliant with UAB Effort Reporting Policy. Certification of effort in Oracle does not remove the non-compliance state from the employees’ Personnel Record. Watch this video for more information about Late Certification of Effort and non-compliance.

Watch this video for more information about Late Certification of Effort and non-compliance.

Recertification of Effort

Once the semi-annual period closes, if the effort listed on the last Oracle generated Effort Report is NOT an actual representation of the employees’ work effort for the semi-annual period, a salary re-class CANNOT be processed. An organization must request a recertification of a previously certified effort report.

Watch this video for more information about the recertification of effort process.

Effort Reporting: Oracle HR

Responsibility: UAB Effort Reporting

Transactional Forms and Functionality

UAB Effort Reports can be viewed and certified by accessing one of the below listed Oracle HR Responsibilities:

UAB Effort Report User

The UAB Effort Report User responsibility gives the user the ability to view only his/her own effort report or an effort report sent by the system for review.

UAB Salary Reclass User

View Effort Reports:

Additional Resources

Effort Reporting: Over the Cap Reports