• Tuition and Fees

    We understand that the costs of going to college can get confusing. That's why we offer a clear breakdown of these expenses so that you can make informed choices about your education.

    Cost of Attendance

  • When to Pay

    Don’t let registration holds get in the way of completing your degree. Adhere to the payment deadlines to ensure the best possible access to the classes you need.

    Payment Deadlines

  • Financial Aid

    Don’t think you’ll qualify for financial assistance? You may be surprised. Educating yourself on financial aid options—and following the appropriate steps—will ensure that you are considered for the aid available to you.

    Financial Aid

  • Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

    Students should contact the program to which they were admitted for information concerning additional funding opportunities such as Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships.

    Graduate School Individual Fellowship Incentive Program

    Many UAB graduate students would be competitive for individual fellowships, but many who are eligible to apply for a fellowship do not apply. The Graduate School has established an incentive plan designed to encourage submission of applications from students enrolled in disciplines in which individual fellowships are available.

    Samuel B. Barker Award

    Each Spring, two students—one at the master's level and one at the doctoral level—who will graduate in the Spring, Summer, or Fall of the calendar year, may be nominated for the Samuel B. Barker Award by their department's graduate program director.

    UAB Graduate Family Assistance Scholarship

    Scholarship funds will be provided to graduate students who have family-related financial commitments that would, if not resolved, prevent them from enrolling in a degree-granting graduate program.

    Ireland Research Travel Awards

    The research travel scholarship, which awards a maximum of $1,000, is designed to enable a student to capture an educational opportunity that doesn’t exist at UAB.

    External Scholarship Opportunities for Graduate Students

    External scholarships aren't just for undergraduates. This link can help you explore external scholarship opportunities available to graduate students.

    Compass Bank Mortgage Financial Services Endowed Award in Graduate Education

    The Compass Bank National Alumni Society Endowed Scholarship was established through generous gifts from the UAB National Alumni Society to be used for the purpose of creating an endowed graduate student award fund at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Spendable earnings from the Compass Bank Mortgage Financial Services Endowed Award in Graduate Education fund will be used to provide financial assistance to exceptional students who are enrolled in a UAB graduate program.