UAB HealthSmart is the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s innovative health education and wellness facility working to help Birmingham area residents understand their health risk factors and make lifestyle changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle.  

Chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke and arthritis have a huge human cost. In 2005, 133 million Americans (almost one in every two adults) suffered from at least one chronic illness. The economic burden of chronic disease is also great. It is estimated that for every $1 spent on healthcare in this country, 75 cents goes to treating chronic diseases. But there is good news: For every $1 spent on prevention, $6 is saved on care. The answer to better health? Prevention.

UAB HealthSmart is located in the UAB Division of Preventive Medicine building in Birmingham's Southside at the corner of 18th Street and 11th Avenue South, Suite 111.  UAB HealthSmart is open weekdays.