Eat for Your Health, Lose Weight, Prevent Disease

Food is a basic human need. It gives us the energy and nutrients we need to live. But food also supplies other human needs. We eat to celebrate. We eat for comfort. We eat for fun – and out of habit. And the saltier, sweeter, or fattier the food in our diet, the more we seem to crave. When the calories we consume exceed the energy we burn, and fat and sugar outweigh healthy foods in our diet, we gain weight and are susceptible to a host of health problems. But that does not need to be the case. At UAB HealthSmart, we can help you make a successful, lasting lifestyle change towards healthy eating and healthier habits for life.

What Does Your Body Really Need?

We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to ideal weight, so we calculate your body fat by measuring your height and weight as part of your free health profile. We also test your blood sugar, or glucose, level to see if you are at risk for diabetes. We then put the results of these tests together to help you know if you are overweight, and how much you should weigh for your current height, age and gender to lower your health risks. Once you know your body’s needs, you will be able to move to the next step: making smart food choices for your health.

Think about Your Food Choices

Whatever your weight goals, to have good eating habits you have to think about what you are eating and why you are eating it. For many people, this means a new approach to food. Old habits can be hard to break, so UAB HealthSmart provides free nutritional counseling and health talks that highlight the importance of good eating habits. We show you why a piece of fruit is a smarter snack than a bag of chips, and how adding vegetables to your diet can help prevent cancer and other diseases.

Achieving Your Goals

In order to make healthy eating a successful, lasting lifestyle change, we work closely with you to set – and achieve – your weight and healthy eating goals, tracking your progress and showing you specific ways to improve your daily eating habits. Because exercise works hand-in-hand with diet, we also point you toward UAB HealthSmart physical activity programs that can help you on your path to better health. We want you to choose good lifestyle habits that will become healthier habits for life.