UAB Ethnographic Filmmaking is an interdisciplinary class that merges the methods of documentary filmmaking and anthropology as a way for students to research and represent local communities through film. Ethnography is a method used in social science in which community based research or “fieldwork” is conducted to learn about and represent a group of people or social phenomenon. The student films are the product of a semester long research assignment in which students investigate a social justice issue related to a local community or culture.

The goal of the course is for students to gain a better understanding of a community issue and their role as engaged citizens. Students are challenged to fairly represent perspectives different from their own through the craft of film and storytelling.

Ethnographic Filmmaking is a six-credit hour course taught every spring semester since 2000. The class is team-taught by Michele Forman and Rosie O'Beirne. A variety of films have been produced over a decade highlighting a wide range of topics: religion, class, ethnicity, urban development, the arts - just to name a few! You can access and view past student films at Sterne Library's Online Digital Collection.

Media Studies most recent films can also be viewed at the UAB Media Studies Vimeo Channel.

Watch Unfare System

Watch Abandoned Canvas

Watch From Mountains To Metropolis