Program Director

Michele Forman, M.A., 205.934.8560


Rosie O Beirne, M.A., 205.975.7805
Director of Digital Media and Learning


The Media Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program for students interested in opportunities for applied research in local communities through the use of new media technology. The minor provides students a solid grounding in the history, theory and practice of digital storytelling, documentary film, film history, oral history, ethnography, community studies, and media theory. Students will gain experience in community-based research, as well as attain proficiency in various new media technologies.

The courses are team-taught by members of the UAB Arts and Sciences faculty, offering students instruction in both applied research techniques and digital modes of documentation and dissemination of their research. The minor in Media Studies emphasizes experiential learning and offers students opportunities for hands-on participation in local communities through service learning and internships with non-profit organizations, businesses, and educational and governmental institutions.

This website features multimedia and video work created by students enrolled in Digital Community Studies coursework here at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  

The projects featured on this site are original work produced by students investigating the local cultural, social and historical landscape of Birmingham, Alabama.