Data Collection Interval

Clinic cohort with real time follow-up.

Data Collection Methodology

Pre-2004, prospective data collected through in-person interviews, daily medical record abstraction by trained study personnel, and computerized questionnaires. Post-2004, real-time data collection through a client-server based point-of-care EMR system.

Data Quality

Pre-2004, monthly quality monitoring and review. Post-2004, continuous quality improvement (CQI) with daily review of provider-entered data.


Interval Cohort 


Data Capture


Standardized patient visit forms manually entered into computer database


Chart abstraction by trained clinic personnel including medications, problem list, and common labs with monthly quality control


Database expands to include health services utilization


Clinical Cohort


Deployment of EMR with “real-time” data entry by providers at point-of-care marks transition from interval to clinical cohort


Implementation of 100% continuous quality control with recognition for excellence in information integrity


Database expands to include patient-based metrics (PBMs), Depression (PHQ), Anxiety (PHQ), ARV Adherence (ACTU-4), Alcohol use (AUDIT-C), Drug use (ASSIST), Symptoms (HIV-SI), Quality of life (EuroQOL-5D), Body Morphology (FRAM)