20th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections 

March 3-6, 2013
Atlanta, Georgia
 Gathe J, Cade J, DeJesus E, Feinberg J, Lalezari J, Morales-Ramirez J,
 Scarsella A, Saag M, Thompson M, Lefebvre E
 Week-24 Primary Analysis of Cenicriviroc vs Efavirenz, in Combination  with Emtricitabine/Tenofovir in Treatment-naive HIV-1+ Adults with  CCR5-tropic Virus

 Ingle S, Glass T, Crane H, Hogg R, Gill J, Ammassari A, Mugavero M, Tate J,
 Turner N, Sterne J, and ART Cohort Collaboration
 Associations of Self-reported and Prescription-based Adherence with  Viral Suppression in 5 HIV Cohort Studies

 Kim N, Rodriguez C, Van Rompaey S, Crane H, Saag M,Eron J, Martin J,
 Kitahata M, and Center for AIDS Research Network of Integrated Clinical  Systems
 History of Lamivudine Predicts Lower Likelihood of Hepatitis B Viral  Suppression on Tenofovir in HIV/Hepatitis B Virus Co-Infected Patients:  The Centers for AIDS Research Network of Integrated Clinical Systems  Cohort

 Rahangdale L, Cohn S, Stewart R, Levison J, Lazenby G, Madell M, Nguyen M,
 Kempf M, Sturdevant M, Ellis P, and HIV and OB Pregnancy Ed Study
 Predictors of Unplanned Pregnancies among Women Living with HIV:  US

 Yanik E, Napravnik S, Cole S, Achenbach C, Gopal S, Dittmer D, Kitahata M,  Mugavero M, Saag M, Eron J, and Center for AIDS Research Network of  Integrated Clinical Systems
 Timing and Predictors of Cancer Indidence following Initiation of ART:  Centers for AIDS Research Network of Integrated Clinical Systems,  

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8th International Conference on HIV Treatment and Prevention Adherence
June 2-4, 2013
Miami, Florida 
 Batey D, Westfall A, Zinski A, Giordano T, Drainoni M, Wilson T, Keruly J,  Rodriguez A, Mugavero M
 Are Missed- and Kept-Visits-Based Measures Capturing Different  Aspects of Retention in Care?

 Zinksi A, Westfall A, Giordano T, Gardner L, Malitz F, Wilson T, Drainoni M,  Rodriguez A, Keruly J, Batey D, Mugavero M
 The Contribution of Missed Clinic Visits to Disparities in HIV Viral Load  Outcomes

 Greer G, Tamhane A, Malhotra R, Burkholder G, Mugavero M, Zinski A
 Factors Associated with Achieving Clinical Core Indicators among  Patients Newly Initiating HIV Care