Translating innovative science to new treatments through interdisciplinary and institutional collaborations in drug discovery and development. 

We organized a CCTS-sponsored lecture series about drug discovery, which ran on Mondays from noon to 1 PM in PCAMS, from February 4 to April 22, 2019.

You can find a flyer here.

If the presenter made their slides available, they will be posted here after the seminar. If you do not see your favorite lecture, email us and we will see if we can send you a copy of the slides. We will probably do another seminar series in 2023 - ask to be added to the email list to get notified!

February 4 - Everts - Introduction to Drug Discovery
February 11 - Everts - Target Validation
May 18 - Everts - How to Apply for an IND 
March 23 - Bostwick - High Throughput Screening
March 4 - Meadows - Intellectual Property in Drug Discovery
March 11 - Spring Break
March 18 - Pathak - Medicinal Chemistry
March 25 - Smith - Molecular Modeling
Apr 1 -  Acosta - Pharmacokinetics in Drug Development 
Apr 8 - Miler - Preclinical Toxicology
Apr 15 -  Ravera - Business Development   
April 22 -  Whitley - The Intersection of Clinical Trials and Drug Development 

You can find archived lectures on the CCTS YouTube Channel: